I am readily available as a guest speaker, comfortable doing presentations and readings for public libraries, service clubs, and private gatherings.

Peggy giving a reading at a local library event.
Peggy with Mia Woodburn, co-owner of Lighthouse Books in Brighton (left), and Beth Bruder (centre).

The students loved it! Peggy was very relaxed and approachable, but at the same time very professional. She told just enough of the story to get them really interested. She answered each question whether it was the first time or the tenth time it was asked, but was able to redirect the students so that the program went smoothly.

The best compliments for her presentation were that the students sat still and listened, and afterwards her books flew off the library shelves!

Rosemary Kirby

Children's Services Coordinator, Quinte West Public Library

Peggy’s quiet manner coupled with her ready sense of humour and her own enthusiasm soon had their creative ideas flowing onto the paper. Peggy has the ability to make each child’s contribution a valuable part of the exercise. The children were delighted with their experience.

Dianne Cranshaw

Branch Librarian, Wellington Public Library