The month of June is almost over. We’ve been living at our cottage for the past four weeks while renovations are taking place at home. I feel a little out of touch; the calendars in the house are still turned to May. With no internet connection at the lake, I’ve driven to the nearest public library and used their free wi-fi in order to check my email. But there’s never enough time for social media conversations. Are you still there, Twitter?

We’ve had a wet June in this part of the province, with torrential downpours that left puddles the size of small lakes in front of the cottage. The robins loved it, anyway. I’ve spent my time reading, writing, and taking brisk walks. I even managed to do a thorough clean-up inside, emptied cupboards that hadn’t had the shelf paper changed in years! I got all the windows cleaned too, which is more than I can say about the windows at home. I shudder to think about the gardening I should be doing. On the few quick trips back to the house to do laundry, buy groceries, and have a hot shower, I’ve only stayed long enough to dead-head a few of the flowers. The weeds are knee high.

We’ve never “opened” the cottage this early in the season. Nights are still cold at the lake in June, making it necessary to haul the flannelette bedding and the feather duvet from home.

But if the sun is shining and you can position your lawn chair out of the persistent wind, it is pleasant to sit outside and savour the first days of summer.