As well as giving talks to adult audiences on the subjects of my non-fiction books, I am comfortable doing presentations and/or readings in schools. I am also available for public library readings.





Talks and Readings

“The students loved it! Peggy was very relaxed and approachable, but at the same time very professional. She told just enough of the story to get them really interested. She answered each question whether it was the first time or the tenth time it was asked, but was able to redirect the students so that the program went smoothly.

“The best compliments for her presentation were that the students sat still and listened, and afterwards her books flew off the library shelves!”

Rosemary Kirby, Children's Services Coordinator, Quinte West Public Library


“Peggy's quiet manner coupled with her ready sense of humour and her own enthusiasm soon had their creative ideas flowing onto the paper. Peggy has the ability to make each child's contribution a valuable part of the exercise. The children were delighted with their experience.”

Dianne Cranshaw, Branch Librarian, Wellington Public Library

Grades 4-6. Maximum 70 students (negotiable).

My regular presentations usually last from 45 minutes to an hour, with time at the end for questions and answers. I'm quite happy to speak about any of one of my books, if you let me know in advance. Otherwise, I usually include a brief reading from my latest. I am quite flexible and can adapt the presentation to suit any theme (literacy, Education Week).

Younger students enjoy hearing how I started writing when I was their age and seeing the book I “published” in Grade Four. From there we go on to talk about where we find our best ideas for our stories.

Among the visuals are examples of the various stages in a book’s development—from first, handwritten draft to the finished product. I also show the students the roughs for the cover illustrations on my books, and that leads to a discussion about how important the cover is in choosing whether or not to read a book. Just how do you pick out a book?

I try to engage the children throughout the presentation by encouraging their feedback. At the end, I provide bookmarks, posters and teacher handouts of classroom activities and ideas for further discussion. Please let me know at least three weeks in advance of my visit if students would like to be able to purchase my books on site.

Grades 7 & 8. Maximum 70 students (negotiable).

“Laura Secord: Historical Research and the Place of Imagination.” This presentation includes short readings from my biography of Laura Secord and a discussion of this legendary Canadian heroine — her early years in the U.S., life in Upper Canada, the Battle of Queenston Heights, and her feat of bravery that led to victory at the Battle of Beaver Dams.

Although this is a Young Adult title, I can tailor a Laura Secord presentation to an audience of any age.

  Teachers will find that in addition to being entertaining, my presentations always provide opportunities for learning. As a retired librarian, I have many years of experience talking with children. Nurturing a love of reading and writing is high on my list of priorities.

If you'd like to talk to me about visiting your school or library, please email me for rates and available dates. We can work out the details together.

As a member of The Writers' Union of Canada, my presentations may be subsidized by a small grant to offset fees and travel expenses. For readings that are open to the public, there is the National Public Readings Program, and for schools, the Writers-in-the-Schools Program. Please visit the Writers' Union's website at for more information.

Peggy Dymond Leavey with "Canadian Authors" shirt
Peggy with Mia Woodburn, co-owner of Lighthouse Books in Brighton (left), and Beth Bruder (centre).